Brightspace COVID19-proof

Brightspace COVID19-proof. Brightspace COVID19-proof. Brightspace COVID19-proof The importance of a clean and COVID19-proof building is for a concept as Brightspace main priority. Together with our Brightspace members we created a COVID19 protocol that will help us and our guests to maintain a safe environment. Do you want

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Facilities: Meetingrooms

Facilities: Meetingrooms. Facilities: Meetingrooms. 15% DISCOUNT on your first booking at Brightspace Maastricht! We offer two meeting rooms on our location. Curious? visit our website and book online! Use the code BRIGHTSTART20 Our meeting room Big in Japan is available for groups up to 16 people. With parking spots, steaming

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Motivational Monday 17/2

Motivational Monday 17/2. Motivational Monday Quote. The future will be bright, if you play it right! The 7 habits of highly effective people and the Golden circle are just two examples of literature that will help you grow a sustainable business. What is your favorite book about entrepreneurship? Do you want

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Key Characteristics: Dynamic

Key Characteristics: Dynamic. Key Characteristics: Dynamic. Let's get together and play! At Brightspace we do not only provide office space, we also provide space to relax. During your 10 minute break or your lunch you can challenge colleagues to play a game. Don't you think that we should organize a

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